Bettendorf Myofascial Therapy

Massage therapist treating a client.


September 2021 

At this time I am not taking on amy new clients. Until I can if I can help you over the phone please call, I will be happy to speak with you.

Are you frustrated or anxious with pain in your body? I believe that with Myofascial Release you can get you closer two your goal of being pain free. As a pain and pelvis specialist with Myofascial Release I find that this is the one therapy that reduces pain and softens the tight restrictions which are causing you pain and discomfort.

 WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL RELEASE? MFR as we call it, releases tension from the body using gentle sustained hand pressure from light to firm. As the tension is taken out of the tissues, pain eases & normal function, health & movement return. It is safe and highly effective. Below is the youtube giving more information about MFR.

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL IT TAKE? That depends on how long those tight restriction have been causing you frustration, anxiety or pain. If is a recent development you can usually get relief in 1-3 sessions. If is something you have had for some time it could take longer.

With MFR we work on the areas that are causing you the most concern. Then we look for areas in the body that are hard, hot or tender to work with. Often the tight or painful areas start somewhere else in the body. We want to find where the beginning of the painful area started so we work together to relieve those tightness or pain. You will also learn some techniques you can use on your own.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO WEAR DURING TREATMENT? For women we ask that you with you to wear during treatment like  shorts and a halter top or two piece swim suit or your underwear and bra. If you feel more comfortable with just loose fitting clothing that will work as well.

For men bring a pair biking shorts or a pair of lose fitting shorts to wear over your underwear.

It is important that we work skin on skin so please do not put any oils or lotion on your body that day.

This is a partial list of conditions that can benefit using Myofascial Release;

     Restriction of Motion
          Headaches / Migraines
               Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
                    Attention Deficit Disorders
                         Plantar Fasciitis / Restless Legs
                              Back, Neck, and Shoulder Problems
                                   Stress & Tension Related Problems
                                        Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue
                                             Menstrual Irregularities
                                                  Bladder Incontinence
                                                       TMJ Problems
                                                             Scar Tissue
                                                                   Scoliosis & PTSD

More information can be found about Myofascial Release at;   also at (archives December 2010)

If you would like more information or have questions please contact me at 563-505-6183 or

I look forward to helping you in your healing process.